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What do I need to do to prepare my property for marketing?
Tidy up and de-clutter. That includes the front and rear gardens as well. We will then arrange for photos and floor plan to be taken. If you don’t have an EPC you will need to arrange one or we can do it for you. We also require our contract to be signed and the identifications from the vendor(s) and proof of address as required under The Anti Money Laundering Act 2003
What is an EPC?
Energy Performance Certificate. An energy assessor will come round to measure how energy efficient your property is and then will grade it. It will also show you what savings can be made if improved.
Do I need a board?
Some buildings don’t allow boards on the premises as it is either stipulated in the terms of the lease or is in an area where the council won’t permit. In the majority of cases one can have a board but is not a legal requirement. There are many benefits to having a board for the vendor. It enhances exposure, shows prospective purchasers how committed the vendor is, avoids any negative feedback about the aesthetics or location of the property just to name a few.
Who conducts the viewings?
It is our aim to conduct as many viewings as possible. This is a) a security measure for you b) we have typically built up a rapport with the prospective purchasers and we can highlight their interests in the property. c) it enables us to give you proper feedback. And after all you are paying us.
What happens when someone makes an offer?
First and foremost we make sure everyone who has a vested interest in your property has seen it before a final decision is made. This will be all the decision makers. With a vast number of first time buyers requiring the financial assistance of family, we request they too see the property to make sure they are happy where their money is going. This reduces any possibilities of a change of mind further into the transaction. If your buyer(s) require I mortgage, we have an independent financial advisor who will verify their affordability. This way we can propose any offers to you with confidence. There is also no point in negotiating until I know they can afford to buy. We will propose the offer(s) and discuss with you each position. If required, negotiations will begin until a satisfactory offer has been made.
When do I instruct my solicitor?
It is advisable to instruct your solicitor straight away rather than waiting for an acceptable offer. This is so your solicitor can apply for the title deeds (proof of ownership) and prepare a contract in readiness. If you have a managing agent, then they can apply for the Managing Agent Pack. This can take 3 or 4 weeks to receive so rather than wait, it can be sent straight away.
What does it mean when we have exchanged?
This is where a completion date has been set and you have now entered into a legally binding contract.
How much time do I have between exchange and completion?
Each transaction is different and it could depend on how long your chain is. Typically between 1 and 2 weeks.


What information do you need from me when I register my details?
Your full details including all your contactable numbers. That way you avoid potentially missing out on a property. We also require your buying position i.e. are you a first time or second time buyer, do you need to sell a property in order to buy? How are you funding your purchase?
Do I meet an agent or the vendor (seller) when I view?
In the majority of cases the agent will be at the property. There may be an occasion where the vendor shows you if for example the viewing is outside office hours
When should I speak to a mortgage advisor?
You should speak to an independent mortgage advisor prior to viewing. This is so you know how much you can borrow and therefore know what to look up to. There is no point in falling in love with a property to only find out afterwards you can’t afford it and likewise, you may be able to borrow more than you thought and therefore go for a better property.
When should I instruct a solicitor?
Once your offer has been accepted you will then require the services of a solicitor. Unless you know one already, it is strongly advisable to instruct a solicitor who is known to us as and are reputable. After all this is likely to be your most valuable purchase and so you want the best team on board.
How do I make an offer?
Once all the decision makers have viewed the property and are happy with it, you can either call or email us or pop in and see us to discuss your offer. We will need to know how you intend to fund the purchase. If you require a mortgage you will be required to speak to our mortgage advisor who will confirm your ability. If they can save you money then even better. This is a service we offer to our vendors that all offers have been verified. We will then propose your offer to the vendor and inform you of their response.
What happens when my offer has been accepted?
Once your offer has been accepted, you will need to appoint your solicitor and put some money on account for them to begin. You will also need to arrange a time to see your mortgage advisor, apply for a mortgage and pay for a survey.
How long does the process take?
Depending on how long your chain is, one would expect the process to take around 10 – 12 weeks but don’t worry we will guide you every step of the way.

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